The Best Entryway Decor to Extend Your Interior Design Style Right to the Front Door

Step into style and come home to a warm welcome every day by having the best entryway decor. Entryway decor comes in many shapes and sizes. Really, it could be anything that can fit within the space, sit on the wall or hang from the ceiling of your entryway. Sometimes, […]

Step into style and come home to a warm welcome every day by having the best entryway decor.

Entryway decor comes in many shapes and sizes. Really, it could be anything that can fit within the space, sit on the wall or hang from the ceiling of your entryway. Sometimes, it’s just there to look good, add a homely touch or begin the interior decor theme of your pad. However, there’s also a whole range of functional entryway decor to spruce up your humble abode and provide some useful property.

If your entryway is currently looking a bit sad, empty and without decor directly, consider adding a few of the below items.

  • Doormat – We don’t want those muddy shoes making a mark on your home’s interiors, now do we? Definitely not. So, start your decor from outside the door (or immediately inside it) and have everyone give their shoes a quick brush off before they step in.
  • Rugs – Every entryway wants a rug. Whether it’s a small feature rug, runner or even a wall hanging, soft furnishings are a great way to insulate your home. So, having a rug to provide decor and warmth in your entryway is one of the best choices you’ll make.
  • Shoe Storage – Even if you live alone, the chances are you’ve got more than a few pairs of shoes that you want on standby as you walk out the door. Equally, if you’ve got a big family with dozens of pairs of shoes, then you’re going to need a bigger box, more shelves or some serious secret storage for them. 
  • Coat Hook Rack – Until the day comes that you have a trusty butler ready to take your coat as you walk through the door, it’s a good idea to have some coat hooks nearby. There are designs that attach to the wall, some that hang over doors and there are even freestanding options, too. So, whatever space you have available for your coats to be stored in all their glory, there’s a coat rack to suit.
  • Lamps – Let there be light in your entryway with a decorative lamp. Similar to coat hooks, there’s a whole range of styles available to suit all spaces and ensure that you can light up your entryway, no matter its shape.
  • Photo Frames – Decorate the walls of your entryway with holiday snaps, baby photos and happy memories by adding some photo frames into the mix. 
  • Mirrors – Entryway mirrors are great for one last face check before you head out, and the first look when you get home. They may even provide some afternoon self-appreciation, too. 

A little entryway decor goes a long way. With just one or two of the above items, you can really improve the feel of your entryway and set the homely tone you’re aiming for. We’ve pulled together our top items to help you on your way to complete home happiness.


1. Darice Metal Letter


Light up your A-Z and spell out your favorite welcome word with the Darice Metal Letters. All 26 letters of the alphabet are available. Each letter is surrounded by a white or silver metal exterior and lined with industrial bulbs. Furthermore, each letter measures ten inches tall, is cordless and illuminates with the power of two AA batteries (not included). Powering up or down is as easy as toggling the switch at the back of this entryway decor piece.

a close up of a box: entryway decor darice

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entryway decor darice

Buy: Darice Metal Letter $15.25


2. PLUS Haven Doormat


Set the tone of your homely heaven with the eco-friendly PLUS Haven Doormat. This mat measures 17 by 30 inches and has a thick, PVC backing material that will hold up against your outside pavement or step. The strong, coconut coir bristles are sure to brush off any despicable dirt and are also great for capturing moisture. To maintain the top quality of this doormat, simply give it a shake or vacuum from time to time and witness your doormat become restored to its former, more fabulous, self.

a close up of a plate: entryway decor plus haven

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entryway decor plus haven

Buy: PLUS Haven Doormat $19.99


3. Love-Kankei Photo Frame


Create a collage of memories to decorate your entryway with the Love-Kankei Photo Frame. It has 30 clips on which you can attach a photo, note or ticket as well as a brown wooden frame measuring 26 by 29 inches. The clips themselves are made from tiny peg-like grasps, and the twine on which they hang is adjustable to suit your style and the amount of slack needed to hang all your memories.

a close up of many different items: entryway decor love kankei

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entryway decor love kankei

Buy: Love-Kankei Photo Frame $15.99


4. Love-Kankei Floating Shelves


Shelves help us make the most of walls. They offer storage for books and stages for ornaments where there would otherwise be a flat piece of vertical nothing. These floating shelves from Love-Kankei are a gorgeous decor addition to any entryway. They will definitely allow you to show off your favorite memorabilia, photos and flowers to guests and delivery people. The wooden planks of the shelves are available in seven different colors, and there’s one small, one medium and one large shelf included in each pack.

text, whiteboard: entryway decor love kankei

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entryway decor love kankei

Buy: Love-Kankei Floating Shelves $19.99


5. Frenchi Coat Rack


Every entry deserves a good coat rack. And, what better to hang your jacket as you walk through the door than on the Frenchi Coat Rack? This freestanding, 74-inch tall gothic-styled coat rack has a decorative globe in the middle of its center pole and 12 hooks around the circumference for hanging from every angle. It will be delivered in a flat pack, but it’s easy to assemble and comes with full instructions.

a sign on a window sill: entryway decor frenchi

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entryway decor frenchi

Buy: Frenchi Coat Rack $25.54


6. Ciicool Ultra Faux Sheepskin Rug


Give your guests the fluffiest welcome with the Ciicool Ultra Faux Sheepskin Rug. This is the ideal centerpiece for any entryway. Alternatively, it could also be used as a back cover for any chair or sofa within the space. All the fabulous fluff is made from artificial wool which is both machine-washable and easy to clean with a quick shake or vacuum. It’s available in five different colors and has non-slip material on the bottom for a sturdy grip to keep it exactly where you want it.

a cat sitting on a table: entryway decor ciicool

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entryway decor ciicool

Buy: Ciicool Ultra Faux Sheepskin Rug $31.99


7. Sullivans Vase Set


This set of three ceramic white wash vases from Sullivans is a staple addition to any entryway. Keep them empty for a minimalist finish or fill them with holiday-relevant flowers for a more festive feel. Three differently sized vases are included in the set so that you can arrange them in any order to suit your taste. Just be aware that you’ll need some sort of shelf or table to sit them on. See number 11 on our list to see the ideal entryway table to hold these vases.

entryway decor sullivans

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entryway decor sullivans

Buy: Sullivans Vase Set $34.99


8. Safavieh Entryway Runner


Create your very own hallway runway with the Safavieh Entryway Runner. The vintage-style faded pattern of this runner easily mixes with most colors, textures and furniture. It’s made from polypropylene fibers which will not malt and is finished to a very high standard. The runner is vacuum friendly, so it can act as a primary play space for kids and pets. It’s really the ideal welcome to any home.

a close up of a decorated tree in a room: entryway decor safavieh

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entryway decor safavieh

Buy: Safavieh Entryway Runner $30.09


9. Umbrea Dimo Mirrors


Shine bright like a set of three diamonds with the Umbrea Dimo Mirrors. This art deco trio of wall hangings is sure to add a twinkle to your entryway. Each 11-by-seven-inch geometrical mirror comes with a delicate hanging chain topped with a metallic bulb. You can space them equally, oddly, in different rooms or entirely different houses, depending on your desired decor. But, we love having a mirror in the entryway, so you can check your appearance just before you walk out the door.

shape: entryway decor umbra

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entryway decor umbra

Buy: Umbrea Dimo Mirrors $28.00


10. Songmics Shoe Rack


The Songmics Shoe Rack is a cubic combo of multiple spaces that will enlighten your entryway to a high power of shoe storage. Each individual cube is made with a wire frame along with plastic sides and corners. The rack can be constructed to suit any shape or space. The maximum combination is made of 16 blocks. So, whether you want to opt for the four by four or eight by two design, this shoe rack is ready to adapt.

entryway decor songmics

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entryway decor songmics

Buy: Songmics Shoe Rack $45.99


11. Vasagle Console Table


Most entryways need some kind of furniture. And, just because a piece of furniture has a function doesn’t mean it can’t be a piece of decor, too. In fact, the best kind of entryway furniture is both functional and decorative. This console table from Vasagle is exactly that. There’s also a whole range of matching furniture available to match it if you have more space. This table, in particular, has a wooden top, metal frame and adjustable feet to ensure an even stance, even on wonky floorboards.

a close up of a table: entryway decor love kankei

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entryway decor love kankei

Buy: Vasagle Console Table $60.18


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