50 Fabulous Family Room Design Ideas (Photos)

50 fabulous custom family room design ideas in pictures. Huge array of family room furniture, styles, color schemes, layouts and amenities. Your living room is the place where you and your friends or family can kick back and relax. Most of us want the living room to be as casual, […]

Beatuifully decorated interior with glass doors and lush furniture

50 fabulous custom family room design ideas in pictures. Huge array of family room furniture, styles, color schemes, layouts and amenities.

Your living room is the place where you and your friends or family can kick back and relax. Most of us want the living room to be as casual, comfortable and functional as possible; however, that doesn’t mean it can’t look fabulous as well. Getting style and comfort can be tricky — but don’t worry; we have got you covered. From traditional designs to the ultra-modern, our design gallery is bound to have the perfect family room idea for you and your family.

Family Room Designs Photo Gallery

Contemporary family room

A velvet blue sectional stands out in this contemporary family room with gray walls, flat-screen TV, parquet flooring and a modular coffee table over a beige area rug. A modern glass globe chandelier completed the look.
Source: laurenmuss.elliman.com and TopTenRealEstateDeals.com

A velvet blue sectional stands out in this contemporary family room with gray walls, flat-screen TV, parquet flooring and a modular coffee table over a beige area rug. A modern glass globe chandelier completed the look.

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Farmhouse style family room

Gray and wood farmhouse style family room by chango & co.

Gray and wood farmhouse style family room by chango & co.

Condo family room

Comfortable family room in a condo with gray furniture by DECOR AID
Comfortable family room in a condo with gray furniture and wall-mounted TV.  Wood walls and floor contrasted nicely with the white shag area rug.  Purple pillows on the large modern sectional add a splash of color.  Designed by DECOR AID

With a view

Stunning large contemporary family room with huge section overlooking pool and view of the ocean. Designed by ARRCC.

Stunning large contemporary family room with huge section overlooking pool and view of the ocean. Designed by ARRCC.

Media Lovers Family Room

Family room with brown leather sofas, wall-mounted TV and built-in fireplace by Tym Homes

Above is an attractive family room with wood storage, black media wall with fireplace and wall-mounted TV that people can watch on large, deep brown leather sofas.  Designed by Tym Homes.

Large Rustic Family Room

Large rustic family room with great media system by DC Home Systems.

Large rustic family room with great media system by DC Home Systems.  This is an amazing spacious family media room with a huge sectional sofa facing a large TV set on a massive colorful area rug that sits on wide-plank wood flooring.  The centerpiece of the room is a massive stone fireplace.  Although the soaring ceiling with huge wood beams catches your eye as well.

Modern Art Living Room

The grey and white “Modern Art Family Room” seems like it belongs in the Museum of Modern Art in New York

This ultra-modern living room reminds one of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The predominantly white and grey tones of the room give it an ultra sophisticated look. The huge lighting fixture on the ceiling has a curvy, eclectic design and the paraphernalia in the shelves are of similarly varied designs. The white and black cushions on the couches consist of geometric patterns rather than floral prints or stripes, giving the room a very fashion studio vibe.

Cozy Cocoon

The deep, brownish tone gives the Cozy Cocoon Family Room a warm rustic feel

This beautiful living room is furnished in deep reddish-brown tones, which give it a warm rustic feel. There is a lovely brick fireplace that takes the center front part of the room. The countryside feel is slightly broken down by the modern flat screen TV on the wall, which further adds to the unique feel of this room.

Rustic Rendezvous

The Rustic Rendezvous Family Room seems like a cottage straight from the Little Red Riding Hood

This living room seems like it is placed in the middle of a fairy woodland. The rich brown furniture is tasteful and the brightly colored throw rug and cushion on the leather couch lends it an even more rustic feel. The wall-to-wall windows show a breathtaking view of the forest, making it look like a scene from the Red Riding Hood.

The Comfy NeutralThe grey, white and golden browns tones of the Comfy Neutral Family Room gives it a soft, homely look

The soft dove white, grey and warm brown colors of this living room gives it a very neutral look. However, it is anything but boring. The couches are covered in linen and look soft and cushy. There are also accents of modern objects on the shelves, giving this room a personality of its own.

The Silver Screen

The Silver Screen Family Room, with its wall of monochromatic photos, comes with a very 1930s vibe

KNOF design

This stunning living room is filled with grey, white and silver tones in a very artsy blend. The chandelier on the ceiling is a period style but the lounge chair seems very modern. The adjacent wall is filled with monochromatic pictures giving the room a very 1930s feel.

The Minimalist

The Minimalist Living Room, free of clutter, allows a lot of natural light

This room tends to lean towards the minimalist design; its walls are bare with a neutral beige tone and there is no bric-a-brac in the room. However, the clean and tidy style and the pale neutral tones, make this room look more spacious. The natural lightning from the outside brightens up the room beautifully.

Art Deco

The Art Deco Family Room balances modern art with homely comforts

This room is very artistic and modern, from the two coffee tables in the center of the room to the white ceramic urn placed in the front wall. The neutral shades of the room are balanced by the soft blue ottoman and cushion and the orange-tan armchair. This room seems to be a haven for art lovers.

Pristine Palace

The Pristine Palace Family Room, with its bright Arctic colors, wouldn’t be amiss in the “Frozen” movie

If Elsa had a modern living room, it would probably be like this. The brilliant white walls and furniture gives this room a bright Arctic look. The white chandelier along with the aquamarine insides of the shelves further gives the illusion that you have entered into an ice palace.

Mediterranean Midsummer

The Mediterranean Midsummer Family Room has a beachside resort feel

Interior design by: ARRCC

This gorgeous living room looks like a part of an upscale hotel rather than someone’s home. The furniture and fixtures in the room showcase sharp, clean lines and the ocean blue cushions give it a feel of a beachside resort. However, the breathtaking view of the outdoor swimming pool and the open sea beyond completes the impression that the place is a Mediterranean midsummer haven.

Eclectic Style

This Eclectic Style Family Room is the perfect abode for a modern art lover

Architect: Oleg Klodt

Another one for the modern art lover, this room is filled with bric-a-brac. The hanging fixtures on the ceiling simulate the design of planets in their orbits, while the table is artfully littered with a modern looking plant pot, books and other odds and ends. The shelf, with its multitudes of colorful books and the blue cushions and throw rugs, give it a very cool vibe.

White Light

The White Light Family Room looks so much bigger because it is white, bright and light

Nothing says bright and well-lit like this beautiful room. The living space comprises a couch and chairs in soft grey shades, counterbalanced by the table and shelves in warm brown. The room is adjacent to a white minimalist kitchen with modern black stools and spot light fixtures in the ceiling.

Luminescent Lighthouse

The Luminescent Lighthouse Family Room is bedecked with a multitude of light bulbs and spotlights

This room counterbalances cool white tones with warm earthy colors. The brilliant white couches are a wonderful contrast to the golden tones of the floor, tables and cabinets. However, the best part of the room is the multitude of light bulbs as well as dozens of tiny spotlights bedecking the alcoves and ceilings.

Warped Wood

The Warped Wood Living Room is made to mimic the lines of the hillside where it is located

Designed by: Terry & Terry Architecture

This living room seems to be built inside a tree trunk. The floor, walls and ceilings are made of honey-colored wood. The ceiling is built warped and curved to mimic the lines of the mountainside where the house is located!

Edwardian StyleThis classic Edwardian Style Family Room is tampered with modern object d’artTrulia

This beautiful spacious and bright living room is in the classic Edwardian style tampered by modern object d’art. The room consists of soft, brown-grey suede couches and grey, textured ottoman. The wall by the floor-to-ceiling windows is decorated by period-style pictures but the center stage is held by a large modern painting, which lends the room a nice pop of color.

Modern Organic

The Modern Organic Family Room is a blend of cool steel-colored walls and warm golden wooden ceiling

This beautiful light-filled living room consists of elegant and modern furnishing as well as home décor items, including a white asymmetrical vase, a white lamp and a tiny coffee table. But the room has an organic feel to it because of the wooden ceiling and the wooden mount for the TV. The view outside the window is also filled with greenery.

Animal Kingdom Living Room

The Animal Kingdom Living Room mimics the jungle paradise, perfect for a hunting lover

Nobody would fail to notice the sheep wool-style center carpet, the tiger skin rug behind the couch and the alligator skin-style armchair and centerpiece furniture. The animal skins are probably faux but this ultra-modern home seems to be the perfect place for a hunting lover or just anyone who enjoys the look of animal skins.

Tiled-Floor, Bricked-Wall Living Room

This Tiled-Floor, Bricked-Wall Living Room comes with a neutral color palette with a pop of subtle colors

Designed by: Drury Designs

This beautiful room with neutral colors is given a pop of color by the bright hued, bronzey-gold and silver-blue throw pillows. But the most striking feature of the room is its rectangular tiles that mimic wood. The front wall, where the TV and fireplace are, is also made of slim colorful bricks, while the modern hanging light fixtures near the door give the room a very classy look.

Retro Retreat

The brightly colored Retro Retreat Living Room mimics the 1960s style

With its retro style, this living space exudes color and warmth. The clean lines of the ceiling, walls and floor are beautifully counterbalanced by the rounded and curved couches and arm chairs. Although the structure of the house boasts pale muted beige tones, the furniture is more exuberant, comprising an orangey-tan center table, and green, blue and yellow throw cushions. The fireplace is also made of warm, reddish tones of stone.

Pure White and Sapphire Blue Living Room The Pure White and Sapphire Blue Living Room, filled with bronze figurines, is a great place to relax

This living space is the perfect place to work in some peace and quiet. The whitewashed walls and ceilings provide an air of serenity. The deep jewel-blue armchair and footrest provides a gorgeous contrast to the otherwise pale colors of the room. The room is also decorated with bronze figurines and several odds and ends artfully clutter with the shelves.

Leather and Fur Living Room

The Leather and Fur Living Room, with its wolfskin rug and black leather chairs, is perfect for a chilly winter

Fabelta, Fenestration systems

This room comprises black leather couches and a seat and the floor is insulated with a rug that gives the illusion of a wolf skin. The adjacent wall consists entirely of a window as well as a light grey stone fireplace. This living room design is great if you live in a chilly area with lots of scenic beauty.

The Monochrome Room

The Hollywood-style Monochrome Room is all about black, white and silver hues

Source: ARRCC

This ultra modern living room is decorated entirely in the hues of silver with some black accents. The living space features armchairs, couches and a center rug in shades of silver, bedecked with dove grey and silver throw pillows. The tables in the center of the room have a modern design and have a marbled design. A Hollywood-style room.

Simple Yet Stylish Room

The Simple Yet Stylish Living Room is all about clean lines, low clutter and natural lighting

Simplicity has its own beauty and nothing says that better than this room. The room consists of a large charcoal grey couch, a wooden table with simple lines and a modern fireplace in the front. But what’s so great about it is the floor-to-ceiling windows, which offer the room plenty of natural light and a view of the beautiful green yard.

Little Brown Family Room

The Little Brown Family Room is the perfect family room for kiddies and their grandparents

This cozy and welcoming-looking living room is the perfect place for your kids to play and grow. The place consists of a soft, brown suede sofa, window blinds, and a small white center table. The front of the room has a big flat-screen TV and a cheerful fireplace. What catches the attention, though, is the small shelf filled with wicker baskets and fun things as well as a wall filled with beautiful family photos.

Colorpop Living Room

The Colorpop Living Room is filled with artificial lightings and bright colors

Designed by: Barrett Studio Architects

This lovely living room is so bright and so filled with color. The huge, modern light fixture on the ceiling seems to be enough to provide the room with adequate light, but there are several more small spot lights which shine at the colorful bookcase. The dark grey couches are brightened by fuchsia and multi-colored throw pillows. The golden wood on the floor and the wall just makes the room even merrier.

Blended Old England

The Blended Old England style living room is a blend of the classic English design and modern trappings

This traditional transitional living room is a blend of some elements of Old England and modern style. The room mostly comprises off-white and dove grey walls and a ceiling and the couch, table and armchairs are of old English design. However, the room is brightened up by a vivid pink armchair and footrest, a rich burgundy leather armchair and a beautiful flower pot. The front of the room comprises a modern fireplace and a plasma TV, giving this room a unique, hybrid feel.

Contemporary Modern

The Contemporary Modern Family Room’s bright whiteness is only interrupted by a scatter of orange throw pillows

This gorgeous pristine room is decorated in the palest shades but the whiteness is interrupted by several orange and peach throw pillows as well as a beautiful golden lightning spilling from modern-styled chandeliers. The soft, light colors and the bright light from the windows and light fixtures, give this room more dimension. A beautiful home for a beautiful family.

Brick Fireplace Living Room

The Brick Fireplace Living Room showcases a light grey brick fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows

The room is quite spacious and contains minimal articles of furniture, with lots of room for people to walk in. The white couches, high ceilings and the immense windows further give it more dimension. But the grey-stone fireplace is the thing that ensnares attention.

Immaculate Sophistication

The Immaculate Sophistication Family Room is so white and clean, it looks like it has never seen any children

This immaculate living room comprises a long, pale grey couch with plenty of colorful throw pillows for you to enjoy a cozy evening. The ultra-modern design of the room consists of a white orb of light hanging from the ceiling, a curved modern armchair and a brilliant white shelf on the wall to mount a plasma TV and more light fixtures.

Suede Brown Living Room Nothing speaks warmth and welcome like this Suede Brown Living Room

This room has an old Edwardian feel to it and is the perfect place for the elders in your home to pass the time. The soft, brown suede couches take up most of the space in the living room. Besides that, there is a traditional fireplace in the front of the room beneath a plasma TV. Above all, the white stenciled windows offer a wintery view of the outside.

Old England

The Old England Family Room is a very traditional room perfect for reminiscing about old times

This is a very traditional-looking room with all the trappings of modern comfort. The room is decorated in rich browns and earthy tones, from the Persian-style rug below to the window chairs by the corner. The only thing that disrupts the perfect traditional look of the room is the flat-screen TV. This is the perfect living space to spend an afternoon reminiscing the old times.

Elegant Sophistication

The clean lines, high ceiling and rich brown furnishing offers an air of grace to this Elegant Sophistication family room

The room has clean, straight lines and a high ceiling, but the soft couches counterbalance them. The sofas are artfully decorated in two simple hues from the opposite ends of the spectrum: a soft golden brown and deep, dark blue throw pillows. It also has an elegant, straight-cut dark brown table. Because of the high ceiling, numerous spot lights and French doors, the room looks bright and spacious.

Georgian Style Home

The triangular wall is the perfect representation of this Georgian Style Family Room

The room has a distinct triangular-shaped wall that was popular during the Georgian times. To add to the impression, the living space has a large stone fireplace and couches in earthy tones. The ornate chandelier and the beautiful windows on the triangular wall provide a lot of lightning.

Living Room With Bright Accents

The dark red leather armchairs and the rich brown wood floor are bright accents to this otherwise pale living room

This beautifully-designed living room has white couches, a beige wall and soft, cream colored carpeting. However, what sets it apart from others is the presence of two deep red leather armchairs that gives it a lively appearance.

Colonial Style Living Room

This Colonial Style family room is set in the style popular during the British Colony era

This warm and cozy living room is stuffed full of comfy furniture and fluffy throw pillows, giving it a very welcoming vibe. It also features arched windows and fireplace in true Colonial-style. The predominantly tan and brown colors of the place also give it a bit of countryside feel.

Bright and Cheery Living Room

The Bright and Cheery Living Room is an epitome of lightness and cheerfulness

With high walls, a multitude of windows on one side, a huge stone fireplace on the other and a multitude of tiny light fixtures, this living space is the epitome of a bright and cheerful living room. The room is further decorated with a tall green plant, basking in the sunlight filtering in through the window.

Georgian Colonial Style

The pink armchairs and the red Persian rug gives this Georgian Colonial Style family room an air of vibrancy

This stunning living room does not lack color. Featuring a blend of old and modern designs, the beautiful pink-red armchairs and the widespread red Persian rug give the place a pop of vibrancy. A large window in the adjacent wall shows a stunning view of the greenery beyond. The room is further decorated with colorful painting and knick-knacks.

White Dove Living Room

The White Dove Living Room is the best example to maximize on limited space

BFDO Architects

The walls and ceiling of the room are painted in eggshell white; a clever move since this room does not have space for a lot of stuff. This small room comprises a dove grey sofa, a small coffee table littered with odds and ends, a lamp table and a soft armchair on the side and a full bookshelf in the front. However, the design is such that it doesn’t look cluttered at all.

Concrete and Black Living Room

The Concrete and Black Living Room has a minimalistic and ultra-modern design

Desjardins Bherer

A very ultra-modern living space and one with minimalist design. The white and concrete walls are bare and the center of the room contains a two-seater couch and three small pieces of furniture. The front wall boasts a plasma TV. This is a stunning room that is simple to clean and effortless to design.

Elegant White Linen Living Room

This Elegant White Linen Living Room has enough space for the entire family to cuddle in

Coletivo Arquitetos

This living room is so comfy and the couches so huge that your entire family can easily curl up and fall asleep here. White linen couches encompass most of the room and a flat-screen TV is mounted on the front wall. What more do you need in a living room?

Slanting And Eclectic

This Slanting and Eclectic Family Room looks like a Japanese style spa


This gorgeous room looks like it belongs in an upscale Japanese-style resort. The room’s ceiling is fitted with golden wood and at least two walls comprise entirely of glass. The middle of the room consists of a simple table with dark chairs, a cream-colored couch and a green pouf. The round black light fixtures hanging from the ceiling lends the place a Japanese style vibe.

Pretty In Pink

The Pretty in Pink Family Room is perfect for a girls-only tea party

A white room filled with armchairs, throw pillows and poufs in pink – this looks like the perfect setting for a girls’ only tea party. One wall of the room is occupied by a TV but the rest of the wall comprises floor-to-ceiling stenciled windows, which brightens the room even further.

White and Purple Palace

This gorgeous White and Purple Palatial living room belongs to former supermodel Cindy Crawford

Source: Trulia

Cindy Crawford’s living room is a heaven of white and purple color used in the best ways. The room is well-lit and has plenty of white walls and furniture. The monochrome look is however broken by a gorgeous purple floor rug, throw rugs and a multitude of throw pillows. This is what you call living in style.

Hobbit Hole

This Hobbit Hole Living Room is straight out of “The Lord of the Rings”

Designed by: Steven Holl Architects

If you have watched “The Lord of the Rings,” you will understand what we are talking about. This perfect little looks like it is built inside a cave. The rounded windows and doorway further enhance that impression. The colorful seating area with eclectic furniture and a view of the forest beyond is perfect for a nature lover.

Sapphire Accents Living Room

The Sapphire Accents Living Room with its true blue rug and throw pillows give the feel of a Grecian beachside paradise

Designed by: chango&co.

This airy, white living room has a high ceiling and is almost completely encompassed by huge windows. The gorgeous beach-side style room is accented with sapphire blue throw pillows and rugs. The rich dark furniture in the form of a center and side table lends more personality to the living room.

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A family room is a large space that usually includes a sitting area with sectional sofa and chair facing the fireplace and television (which can conveniently be concealed with sliding wood doors).

What’s the difference between a family room and a living room?

It depends.  Some homes use the living room as the family and vice versa.

Other homes have a more formal living room and a separate family room that’s more casual.  While there really isn’t a technical distinction, one distinguishing mark of a family room is the presence of a television (when there’s another living room with no TV).

Of course, this isn’t set in stone since a TV isn’t a prerequisite for a family room, but it’s one way to distinguish the two.  Other room terms which are used interchangeably with family room include salon, parlor, den, entertainment room, TV room, lounge and recreation room.

While there may be slight distinctions in homes with each of these rooms, the fact of the matter is most homes today have one or two sitting rooms to which all terms more or less apply.  If you have a 10,000 square foot mansion with multiple sitting rooms, each room may be designated for specific purposes, but this isn’t common (unfortunately).

The family room is designed to be a place where family and guests gather for group recreation like talking, reading, watching TV, and other family activities. Often, the family room is located adjacent to the kitchen, and at times, flows into it with no visual breaks. (Source Wikipedia)

A family room differs from a living room in that it often a more casual space as reflected in its style, furnishings, and features. You’ll often see these rooms located near the kitchen or at least in the back of the house. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) estimates that 64 percent of new homes have a separate family room compared to 52 percent for living rooms.

Whether you want to opt for an addition to your home or convert an existing room, it pays to take the time to research the costs and options open to you. A visit to our family room design ideas can get you started.

A. Preliminary Family Room Planning

If you have a separate living room, you can approach the task of planning from a different place than if the family room has to do double-duty. Considering the functions, it’s going to serve, especially when deciding whether to go the formal route or something more like a space for relaxation and entertainment. Other things to consider include:

  • Your budget
  • Purpose(s) of the room
  • Features you want to add

That will provide an excellent starting point for beginning the planning process.

B. Family Room Cost

Your cost will vary depend a lot on whether it’s an addition or a remodel of an existing space. If it’s the former, you’re looking at anywhere between $21,007 and $64,670, according to Home Advisor. On the other hand, upgrading a basement or an existing room will run you under $5,000 if you opt for the DIY route. Jobbing it out can cost between $7,500 to $50,000.

Our best advice is that once you decide on a budget, stick with it. You can easily tweak the costs with different family room design ideas. It’s essential that you find out about building permit requirements in your area. The average cost runs about $1,237 which can really put a hit on your budget if you don’t plan ahead.

1. Cheap Family Room Design

Even small upgrades can make a big difference in your family room, making them worth consideration. For example, you can install a flat screen TV for under $300, based on the average national cost. We probably don’t have to tell you how much that will affect the enjoyment of your family room.

Family living room with TV.

2. Mid-Range Family Room Cost

If you want to extend the functionality of the room, you can easily do it with other relatively inexpensive changes. You can add a surround sound system for under $600. If you want the space to serve as a home theater, you can manage it under $500, depending on the options you choose.

3. High-End Luxury Family Room Cost

If you don’t have a separate living room, this space will likely be the place that you entertain guests. You can give it a more stylish feel with more extensive upgrades. You can replace the flooring which can add upward of $3,000 to your budget, depending on the size of the room and the materials you choose.

A lot will ride on what purposes your family room will serve, so that’s why you need to decide these questions up front. A place where everyone gathers to watch TV will cost a lot different than a formal family room with high-end furniture and a slew of electronics.

C. Family Room Layouts

The key to a family room is comfort, whether it’s a casual or formal place. One way to maintain it is by keeping your layout uncluttered with plenty of space for moving around in the room. Bear in mind the traffic patterns of the room especially near entrances and doorways. And don’t forget the vantage points for viewing when it comes to the TV or home theater.

1. Size

The NAHB’s Special Study revealed some interesting statistics regarding the place of the family room in new homes. The average size of new houses with a separate space is 404 square feet compared to the 330 square feet for a separate living room. As you may expect, the amount of space goes up with the size of the home with upward of 503 square feet in a house larger than 3,000 square foot.

2. Open vs. Closed

Great rooms are a popular option for new homes. When it’s present, nearly 70 percent of these spaces include the family room in its real estate, followed by the living room and dining room. If that is your floor plan, you’ll need to take into account the adjacent rooms and how they’ll impact the space as a whole.

3. Layout and Zone Configuration

In many homes, the family room has multiple functions. That will, in turn, affect the layout especially if you want to create some kind of division between the spaces. For example, if your children use the room for doing their homework, you may want to consider adding a desk perhaps out of the viewing area of the TV.

Likewise, you may opt to create a separate space for gaming so as not to disturb others in the same room. Don’t forget to consider the impacts of comfort such as ottomans for putting up your feet or a coffee table for easy access to beverages or the TV remote.

E. Family Room Colors

Brown, by far, is the most popular choice of family room color at over 53 percent of survey respondents. It makes sense, given the common associations with this hue. Meanings include:

Undoubtedly, these are just the kinds of moods that you want to bring to this space. Other colors lag far behind brown. They include gray, beige, black, and wood tones, to round out the top five. The common theme is neutral colors which are conducive to relaxation. We see the same pattern with wall color choices.

Family living room with wood tones.

Beige, white, and gray are the favorites among respondents. In addition to providing a relaxing atmosphere, they also offer an excellent backdrop for other features you can add to the space. Think of the effect that a red accent chair would have against a white-colored wall. Interestingly, garish colors like pink and purple are among the least popular choices which suggest that the primary function of this room is to relax.

F. Family Room Styles

Similar trends are evident when it comes to the favorite styles of a family room. The top five choices include:

Contemporary family living room with a fireplace.

These pics speak to the mood that a family room often has. Whether it’s the reliability of the traditional look or the individuality of the eclectic, there’s a sense of creating a welcoming space that embraces the family life. It’s easy to see why the popularity of the favorite colors plays out as it does when considering it with style. But there certainly aren’t any hard-and-fast rules.

G. Family Room Furniture and Features

The furniture and features provide a plethora of family room design ideas. Again, these elements will relate back to the room’s functionality. This space averages about 11.5 percent of the total square footage of a new home. And unlike many other places in your house, it’s is a shared space.

H. Family Room Flooring

Probably the biggest consideration for flooring is the room’s proximity to the kitchen/dining room and whether you’ll allow a family member to enjoy food and beverages in it. Remember, when it comes to spills, it’s not if but when it will happen.

Hardwood leads the pack when it comes to the most popular flooring types for family rooms with variations on the darkness of the material. Carpeting comes in at a distant fourth perhaps because of the spill factor. Other kinds such as tile and slate are uncommon. That suggests that comfort ranks highest in the design especially with the associations with nature.


Brown, beige, and gray are the overwhelming favorites in color choices. Again, we see this same theme echoed throughout the room.

I. Family Room Lighting

Again, the options are open here with the main goal to complement the rooms uses. Ceiling lights offer an excellent way to ensure adequate light for the entire room. You can go with unobtrusive styles like recessed fixtures that don’t detract from the overall character of the room. The advantage of these styles is that it eliminates dark corners so that the entire space has an inviting atmosphere.

Family living room with recessed lighting.

If your family room leans more toward a formal or traditional style, a chandelier offers an opportunity to create an attractive focal point. You can go with something bold if your room has modern decor. And don’t forget floor lamps to put near reading nooks or by an armchair perfect for curling up with a good book.

Family living room with large windows for natural lighting and a chandelier.

Warm-colored lighting will give the room a pleasing glow that will add to the inviting mood of your family room. It lends itself well to a casual atmosphere rather than the formal look of cool-colored lighting. It encourages stretching out on the sofa to catch your favorite movie.

J. Window Treatments

Window treatments can tie the style of your room all together while serving the practical purposes of darkening a room with a western exposure or warming a space with extra insulation. Take into account the amount of natural light the room receives along with other features that that window treatment brings to the table. Things to consider include:

  • Length
  • Opacity
  • Attachment style
  • Material
  • Style
  • Color/Pattern

Each aspect can give your family room a different mood. Long curtains, for example, create a more formal look. You can get the same effect with other features such as window scarf or valances. Opacity can provide some extra privacy if your home is located near to another house. You can combine window treatments such as blinds and panels for a layered look.

K. Shelving and Storage

A family room offers a great opportunity for showcasing your book selection. If you’re remodeling or adding an addition, you can include it with your room layout that won’t infringe on the floor space. But they needn’t just contain books. You can add knick-knacks or some small art pieces to vary its look and add interest to a room.

Family living room with built-in shelving.

It’s also a good way to add a splash of color with a smaller piece such as framed picture in a bright hue. You can place parts of a collection to lend an intimate touch to a room. The possibilities are endless. Don’t ignore the opportunities it gives you to make the space more personal and welcoming.

L. Fireplace

A fireplace brings a cozy feeling to a family room that is unmistakable. If you’re putting in an addition, it’s the ideal time to add one which will definitely be a game-changer for the space. Plenty of people agree. According to our survey, less than 27 percent don’t have a fireplace in this room. The standard type is most popular, preferred by nearly 60 percent of respondents.

Be sure to check local regulations regarding the installation of a fireplace. Some areas may prohibit wood-burning models. However, gas fireplaces provide a realistic look with the advantage of minimal maintenance.

Family living room with a fireplace.

M. Accent Pieces

Sometimes the best family room design ideas aren’t found on the pages of interior design magazines but rather from a family’s own experience. Think of a collage of photographs of your children which invoke favorite memories. They will add to the relaxing atmosphere and bring that a sense of home to the room.


You can use an accent chair as a statement piece. Think of the heartwarming feeling you’ll bring to a room with a grandparent’s favorite recliner. It’s also an excellent chance to add a piece of character such as an antique trunk which you can use as a makeshift coffee table. Such pieces can bring such life to a room more than any designer piece could ever hope to have.

Family living room with interior wallpaper.

However, avoid filling a space too much to give it an uncluttered look. That will detract from the calming atmosphere a room where the family gathers should have. A family room often becomes something of a retreat or haven which gives it its best purpose.